Charles Hill Estate – Tilford


Rear Elevation of a Large terraced garden. The Limestone steps had become exceptionally slippery due to the build – up over the years of black lichen and white fungi. When wet, both absorb water, and coupled with layers of green algae produce a slimy mass, which when walked on make the area a death trap.


The effect can clearly be seen, after the steps were treated, manifesting themselves in the photo as small whiter than white patches. If this is not addressed, gradually the Limestone will disintegrate, as if it had had neat acid poured onto it!

The Limestone steps and copings were treated with Patio Black Spot Remover for Natural Stone, which removed all the organic growth and completely restored the original colour of the Limestone, without the need to use excessive pressure washing.

Black lichen on limestone, is followed by the formation of white fungi. The two cohabit and, the combination produce hydrochloric acid, which dissolves Limestone.



With the organic growth removed, the deterioration of the surface of the stone has now been halted, saving the client potentially thousands of pounds to replace the treads. The colour of stone now complimenting the remainder of the property as was originally intended.

The Client was delighted! The Limestone steps are now completely safe to walk on.


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